Demanding safe staffing levels to ensure quality nursing care

Support from MPs

Houses of Parliament

We emailed all MPs and asked them "Do you support nurses?"

We included a copy of our manifesto for safe staffing and asked them if they supported its aims.

Here are the responses we received.

Is your MP on the list? If not you might want to drop him a line and ask where he stands on the issue of safe staffing.

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MPs who have pledged support for the SSA manifesto

Andrew George MP (Lib Dem) St. Ives
I am happy to support the safe staffing manifesto - this is an issue close to my heart.

Rosie Winterton MP (Lab) Doncaster Central
I agree that nurse numbers have failed to keep pace with demand, with over half of nurses saying that their ward is dangerously understaffed.

I am pleased that Ed Miliband announced last week that the next Labour Government will immediately increase nurse training places and reverse the short sighted reductions in nurse training under the present Government. The step-change increase in training of more than 10,000 places over current levels in the next parliament will be paid for by a £2.5 billion 'Time to Care' investment fund - raised from a mansion tax. We would also launch an immediate campaign to encourage nurses to return to practice.

Roger Godsiff MP (Lab) Birmingham, Hall Green
Nurses are absolutely crucial to the Health Service and I deplore the fact that they have been treated so poorly by the current Government and have had their pay and terms of conditions undermined.

Apart from being a gross insult to nurses working in the Health Service it is also ridiculous that, at the same time as nursing numbers are being cut, the NHS is relying, ever more, on agency nurses to fill gaps and shortfalls! The cost of agency nurses is far in excess of the cost of a full-time nurse because agencies have to make profits out of this.

I also deplore the fact that senior management in the Health Service have, as always, been immune to many of the austerity measures imposed upon the Health Service and those who have lost their jobs, or more to the point, taken voluntary retirement together with large pay-off often re-emerge, some months later, in similar positions in other parts of the NHS in different areas of the country.

I have no hesitation in commending the work of nurses and pointing out that the Health Service would not survive were it not for their dedication and skill.

Peter Bottomley MP (Con) Worthing West
Yes, you can add my name. I had already signed up to the 8 limit.
It will take a time fully to consider every part in your substantive paper. I hope NHS England will respond as fully as possible.

Mary Dobbin, on behalf of Liz McInnes MP (Lab) Heywood and Middleton
Thank you for writing to Liz McInnes MP.

Liz has asked that I let you know that she fully agrees with the points raised in your email and is really happy to support this. She noted that in her experience, working as a trade union rep in the NHS, she became aware of many issues around unsafe staffing levels and the risks to both patients and staff. This is a really important issue and she backs it wholeheartedly.

Andrew Smith MP (Lab) Oxford East
I strongly support the analysis and recommendations. It is vital that health services have proper levels of staffing to provide high quality care. You can count on my support. Do let me know anything I can do to help.

Laura Round | Parliamentary Researcher, on behalf of Roger Williams CBE MP (Lib Dem) Brecon and Radnorshire
Roger is definitely supportive. He and Kirsty Williams are also campaigning heavily for More Nurses in Wales.
You can find more information here:

Keith Vaz MP (Lab) Leicester East
Nursing staff do an incredible job, without whom our NHS could not run and people would not receive their needed care. In my work on the issue of diabetes, I constantly note how important trained nursing staff are in helping people manage these lifelong conditions which will become ever more important in the next decade.

I certainly support the campaign. Thank you for sending me a copy of the manifesto.

Henry Bellingham MP (Con) North West Norfolk
I do agree that numbers certainly matter and that furthermore it is very important to enforce national standards.

Bearing this in mind, you can certainly add my name to your list of supporters, and do please let nurses know in my constituency that I am absolutely right behind them.

Dave Anderson MP (Lab) Blaydon
I always have and always will support nurses. I was President of Unison and still work closely with them so I'm delighted to sign up. I worked in social care so I know the tremendous strain on all in caring for our people and I'm committed to getting a better deal across the board

John Pugh MP (Lib Dem) Southport
Thank you for your email and the attached manifesto. I am very pleased to lend my support to your campaign.

My daughter-in-law is a nurse with the NHS, so I am aware of the significant consequences staff shortages have on workload and patient-care. The increasing shortage of nurses has worsened over several years, and is an area that has largely been overlooked due to financial pressures and other challenges.

This problem is exacerbated no doubt by the increased registration fees of the NMC, as well as NHS pay freezes. It is lamentable that so many nurses are prevented from carrying out their hard work in caring for sick patients because it is no longer economically viable for them to do so. We should be targeting the rising costs of practice for nurses, as well as working with higher education bodies to develop flexible routes into nursing by commissioning extra adult nurse places through courses. Such is the case for Health Education North East, who have been working with the Open University.

Nurses remain the backbone of the health service, therefore more needs to be done to ensure safe staffing levels, proper resources and decent remuneration to enable to them to carry out this work which is so deeply important to our society.

George Mudie MP (Lab) Leeds East
I am happy to support your new manifesto for safe staffing as I am continuously worried about shortages of staff in wards.

Andy Sawford MP (Lab) Corby
I am happy support the safe staffing Alliance manifesto. The NHS is one of my top 5 priorities for my constituency

Chris Williamson MP (Lab) Derby North
Please do add my name to your list, I am happy to support your campaign.

Vince Cable MP (Lib Dem) Twickenham, Teddington, Whitton & The Hamptons
These suggestions from Safe Staffing Alliance seem eminently sensible and I support what you are trying to achieve.

Barry Sheerman MP (Lab) Huddersfield
Phone call of support

Mike Kane MP(Lab), Wythenshawe & Sale East
Asked for meeting with nurses in the constituency to hear their views

Sir Bob Russell MP (Lib Dem) Colchester

Glenda Jackson MP (Lab) Hampstead and Kilburn

Martin Horwood MP (Lib Dem) Cheltenham

John Leech MP (Lib Dem) Manchester Withington

Gordon Birtwhistle MP (Lib Dem) Burnley

Mike Wood MP (Lab) - Batley & Spen

Sir Peter Tapsell MP (Cons) - Louth & Horncastle

Paul Farrelly MP (Lab) Newcastle-under-Lyme

Sir Tony Cunningham MP (Lab) Workington

Chris Bryant MP (Lab) Rhondda

Ronnie Campbell MP (Lab) Blyth Valley

Sarah Champion MP (Lab) Rotherham